New Music

Tunes from the vaults

Here’s a few examples of The TinMen playing a few classic numbers:

This one can be a dance floor ripper or like we’ve played it here a stripped-back, cruisy, fun, Sunday afternoon toetapper.

Don’t Lie To Me (rehearsal)

And this one is very groovy.

Hoochie Coochie Man (rehearsal)

And a favourite from Chuck Berry a bit loose but such great energy and so much fun to play.

Route 66 (rehearsal)

And for now last, but not least, some exercise and one of our drummer Dave’s faves.

Walkin’ The Dog (rehearsal)

And if you want to listen to demos of our originals on Spotify they are up now.

Spotify Player – The TinMen on Spotify
New Music

Riffy Blues Goodness

Hello TinMen fans and those who can’t get enough breaking news in this dark and dire age a lot of us are living in.

Fresh from the Tin Mine here’s a new demo that hopefully will entice you out to come and see the band when we’ve got a gig to announce and we can slot it into our expanding originals.

I’m not putting this up on Apple Music, Spotify etc but you can listen to it on this page.

We hope you enjoy it.

Too Proud To Run (Demo)
New Music

Apple Music

The TinMen are on Apple Music – at least our demos are.

The demos were created to share a roughly sketched out arrangement so we could all think about out how our new songs will work in our band.

If it appeals to you to have us on your streaming device then please visit TheTinMen on Apple music here and let us know what you think.



In this world we’re going online with all the other fish in the sea. Distrokid can put your artists on all the streaming services for $19.99 per year so we are now learning how to put all this together.

The question is: can a personal account add links to streaming playlists?

And the answer is…. Yes!! Watch this space for links to our music for you to stream.


The TinMen

In spite of a long tradition of the blues not requiring much in the way of technology here we are – 2020, COVID19, berserk presidents…

And yet blues music is a genre that resonates for us now even more than ever.

It’s about connection and we hope we can reach you and our worlds can intersect.