The Band

The TinMen are Martin Davies (guitars and vocals) Tony Lewis (harps and vocals) David Sly (drums and vocals) and Chris Woods (bass).

We love listening to what each other is playing and adding our own contribution to the whole. We love to play for those special moments that come together live in these conditions and that may never be repeated.

…”you had to be there”…

We are passionate about the songs we’ve chosen to play and we don’t play anything that we don’t love and that we don’t think you will love too. We love to feel the groove that gets the room moving and what better reason is there to play music than that?

We are also sincere about interpreting music in our own style and writing new songs is a way to do just that. It is true that there is nothing new under the sun but if we don’t let that be a barrier to creativity then we are free to use our instruments and voices to express ourselves in ways that have never been said or heard before.