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We Are In The Final of The Memphis Blues Challenge!

I didn’t expect it but we played a great set curated by Dave Sly, we were tight and didn’t make too many mistakes and we were judged the best band of the heat.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us, to everyone who was there on the night and enjoyed the show. It was great to chat to well-wishers from the public, ARBA members and other bands.

Tickets for the final are available here from ARBA but there might not be many left.

If you can get a ticket and make it that would be great. There’ll be three solo/duo acts playing off in that category and us playing off against The Chris Finnen Band for the ticket to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

Wouldn’t that be something?

By Martin

Sound Engineer. Music, Bands, Mixing, Film, Television, Documentary, Voiceover, Audiobook, Podcast, Restoration.

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