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Who will join The Chris Finnen Band in the final of the 2022 ARBA Memphis Blues Challenge?

The answer to this question will be determined at Heat Two of the Memphis Blues Challenge
Norwood Live
Saturday 9th July

HEAT TWO Saturday 9th July at Norwood Live (Bands only)

  1. Nicolina And The Rituals
  2. The Nuts
  3. Taking Back June
  4. The TinMen

THE FINAL Saturday 27th of August at Norwood Live
Solo/duo acts:
Ben Ford-Davies
Frankie and Savva (J.J Fields)
The Chris Finnen Band
PLUS the winning band from Heat Two

Heat Two online: $20. At the Door (if available) $25
The Final online: $25. At the Door (if available) $30
SAVE! Buy a Multi-Ticket for Heat Two and The Final for $40.00 SAVE!

Click here to buy tickets online

By Martin

Sound Engineer. Music, Bands, Mixing, Film, Television, Documentary, Voiceover, Audiobook, Podcast, Restoration.

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